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With this lengthy history of over 50 years’ of experience we provide a wide range of services to cater to all your capital project related development needs as well as your operatiing requirements.

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide quality products, maintaining design integrity
  • Conscientious pursuit of cost savings
  • Work closely with clients to prepare and review budgets. Verify quantities and clarify any marginal defined areas to avoid project omissions and duplications.
  • Reduce costs of goods and services through a developed, competitive supply chain infrastructure

Our service offering:

  • Preparation of bid packages and budgets using specified vendors or qualified alternates approved by the designer. Objective is to choose vendors producing quality goods with manageable lead times and within budget
  • Material and Planning Control
  • Buying & Expediting
  • Supplies of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE)
  • Supplies of Operating Supplies and Equipment (OSE)
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Searching Vendor databases for accurate and detailed product information
  • Negotiating with and monitoring Shipping, Freight Forwarders and Clearing Agents
  • Receiving and dispatching (Physical and Documentation)
  • Issuing and Tracking of Purchase Orders
  • Warehousing, consolidating and Inventory Management
  • Supplier Quality Surveillance (Quality Assurance)
  • Shipping & Containerizing (bearing in mind delivery schedule and cost)

  • Handling & Expediting Air Cargo (Small & Large Consignments)
  • Arranging & Managing the transport & logistics process for timely and safe delivery
  • Material Handling (Source ~ Site) including repacking / crating when necessary
  • Warranty and Claim Management (Operational & Insurance)
  • State of the art software provides clear & concise expediting reports and shipping of status orders
  • Submission & follow up of South African Revenue Refunds (SARS – VAT) (where applicable)
  • Provision of approved structure to obviate VAT payments where possible
  • Negotiation and supervision of site warehousing and installation services on clients’ behalf
  • Make duly approved payments to suppliers
  • Provision of accurate and up-to-date accounting for all funds spent on the project
  • Monitoring the progress of each order, ensuring vendors are complying with terms of the PO by supplying finish samples, shop drawings, cuttings or prototypes.
  • Supplying any close-out documents at the end of the project, including cleaning and maintenance instructions, product warranties and proper use instructions

C&G product sourcing, handling and loading capabilities: